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Which economy has the most government control and the least citizen participation?
a) command b) traditional c) mixed d) market
Which trade barrier stops trade between countries for political or environmental reasons?
a) barrier b) tariff c) quota d) embargo
A person who has innovative ideas and is willing to take a risk is a(n)
a) chancellor b) quota c) entrepreneur d) duma
The currency developed by the EU to make trade easier is the
a) Euro b) Wruble c) Pound d) Franc
The 27 member organization that encourages trade among countries in Europe is the
a) European Union b) State Duma c) Judicial Branch d) Federal Assembly
What once currency is worth in another country is it's _____.
a) embargo b) quota c) GDP d) foreign exchange rate
The total worth of a country\'s goods & services produced in a year is its ______.
a) foreign exchange rate b) standard of living c) literacy rate d) gross domestic product
The ability to read & write, known as ______________, has great affects on a country\'s GDP.
a) federal system b) standard of living c) literacy rate d) judicial system
A limit on imports of goods produced is a(n)
a) embargo b) tariff c) quota d) GDP
The level of comfort measured by goods and services available is the
a) foreign exchange rate b) standard of living c) literacy rate d) GDP
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