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What should be included in the title page of the report?
a) Title, Side headings, Date b) Title, Author\'s name, class, date c) Title, References, Report d) Title, Report, Bibliography
What are the paragraphs in an unbound report?
a) Title b) References c) Body d) Side headings
What is the line spacing for the body of the document?
a) SIngle b) Quadruple c) Triple d) Double
How should the references be organized in a bibliography?
a) Numerically b) Alphabetically by the title c) Alphabetically by the author\'s last name d) Alphabetically by the publisher
How should the side margins be set in an unbound report?
a) 1.5 inch b) 1 inch c) .5 inch d) 2 inch
How should the title be keyed in an unbound report?
a) Left aligned and lowercase b) Bold c) Centered and all caps d) Right aligned and initial caps
What are the headings in a report that are keyed at the left margin, underlined, initial cap and followed by a double space?
a) Side headings b) Titles c) Subtitles d) References
How should each reference be formatted in a bibliography?
a) Centered b) Left aligned c) First line indented d) Hanging indent
Which program would allow you to maintain expenses and make a monthly budget?
a) spreadsheet b) presentation program c) publishing program d) database
What is the purpose of a bibliography?
a) Provide additional readings on a report b) Provide a list of all sources related to report c) Provide all publications related to a report topic d) Provide a list of references cited in a report
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