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What continent is China in?
a) Africa b) Asia c) Egypt d) Virginia
What is a contribution?
a) A vegetable b) A mountain c) The shape of the land d) the act of giving or doing something
The Great Wall of China is an example of
a) climate b) architecture c) ancient d) irrigation
Ancient Chinese people adapted to their environment by
a) writing with characters b) sleeping c) fishing, farming and irrigating the land d) eating
The Chinese invented
a) the clock b) Hieroglyphics c) the compass d) papyrus paper
China's climate is
a) mild with 4 seasons b) hot and dry c) boring d) an invention
The land in China is made of
a) chicken b) forests, hills, mountains and deserts c) only deserts d) only flat land
Which of these was NOT invented in China?
a) Fireworks b) Clock c) Silk cloth d) Bronze
What kinds of plants grew in China?
a) A great variety (all kinds) b) Just grass c) No plants d) Just trees
Which river is in China?
a) Nile River b) James River c) Mississippi River d) Hueng He Yellow River
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