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True or False. People who send or receive sexually explicit messages can face legal consequences.
a) True b) False c) d)
Which comment is most true?
a) Content on the Internet is typically permanent b) You can completely control who can see your online content c) Content on the Internet is never permanent d) Deleting a photo or video means it can never be viewed again
An activity might be considered cyberbullying if:
a) It could make a person feel embarassed b) It could make a person feel unsafe c) Adults would generally disapprove of the activity d) All of the above
What can be said about technology and the global market?
a) Technology has expanded the global market b) Technology has made the global market smaller c) Technology has eliminated the global market d) Technology has not affected the global market
Like "HTTPS", Secure Socket Layer, or SSL helps to:
a) Keep a computer from getting viruses b) Prevent a computer from crashing c) Protect users who share personal information online d) All of the above
True or False. By increasing RAM, a computer's CPU can process more quickly.
a) True b) False c) d)
In order to avoid plagiarizing, you should:
a) Always cite your sources b) Ask your teacher if you aren't sure c) Try to explain ideas in your own words d) All the above
Teens can be responsible with cell phones by:
a) Assigning a designate texter while driving b) Talking to their parents about choosing a phone and a plan that is within their budget c) never sending revealing texts, no matter the receipient d) All of the above
A possible consequence of plagiarizing is:
a) Ruining your reputation b) A failing grade c) Getting expelled from school d) All of the above
What is the best thing for a person to do if they receive a threatening e-mail from a cyberbully?
a) Save it as evidence b) Delete it c) Ignore it d) Respond with a counter threat
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