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Government departments and officials. (ex. United States Department of Education, USDA, US Department of Homeland Security)
a) Bureaucracies b) Government Departments c) Legislative Branch d) Exectuticve Branch
Income for the government from taxes paid by US citizens.
a) Income Tax b) Soft Money c) Revenue d) Fundraising
Which government branch is responsible for making laws?
a) Executive b) Legislative c) Supreme Court d) Judicial
Which vocabulary word means "once a year"?
a) Daily b) Structure c) Override d) Annual
Judicial Review is...
a) the power of the court to review a low or action of government. b) the branch of givernment responisble for making laws. c) the supreme court. d) unconstitutional.
The power to cancel the action of another branch of government is called...
a) Vote b) Veto c) Impeach d) Override
The constitution defines the powers of the three branches of government; this concept is called...
a) Seperation of Powers b) Checks and Balances c) Structure of US Government d) Abuse of Power
Using your position or office for personal gain is called...
a) Leadership b) Bullying c) Misuse of Authority d) Abuse of Power
Law or action that violates or goes against the contitution.
a) Deconstitutional b) Misconstitutional c) Unconstitutional d) Nonconstitutional
Which branch of government includes the United States Supreme Court ?
a) Executive b) Legislative c) Senate d) Judicial
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