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The thin flexible outer covering of a cell is the
a) cell membrane b) cell wall c) cytoplasm d) chloroplast
The cell structure that contains the genetic material is the
a) nucleus b) cytoplasm c) chloroplast d) vacuole
DNA is the genetic material. It is located in the
a) nucleus b) mitochondria c) chloroplast d) cytoplasm
Cell structures that acts as temporary storage centers are
a) Central Vacuoles b) mitochondria c) control centers d) cytoplasm
The energy producing sites in the cell are
a) mitochondria b) chloroplasts c) chlorophyll d) nucleus
What shape is a plant cell?
a) box-like b) round-like c) triangular d) different shapes
The function of chlorophyll is to
a) trap sunlight during photosynthesis. b) produce energy for the clee. c) aid in respiration. d) provide a place for cell organelles.
The cell structure that provides support and shape for plant cell is the
a) cell wall b) cell membrane c) mitochondria d) chloroplast
The sites where photosynthesis takes place in a plant cell are
a) chloroplasts b) mitochondria c) vacuoles d) chlorophyll
The gel-like fluid inside of a cell made of mostly water is the
a) cytoplasm b) chloroplast c) vacuole d) chlorophyll
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