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To reduce swelling in an extremity it may help to
a) Elevate the extremity b) Hold the extremity lower than the body c) Take aspirin d) Wrap it tightly
An abduction wedge may be used to
a) Hold fingers closely together b) Keep feet separated c) Support the elbow d) Perform range of motion exercises
The major function of the musculo-skeletal system is
a) Breathing b) Circulation c) Nutrition d) Mobility
As we age, bones may become
a) Brittle b) Harder c) Longer d) More flexible
Shrinking of muscles due to lack of use is called
a) Atrophy b) Bitrophy c) Hypertension d) Peristalsis
Your patient who had his foot amputated complains that it hurts. What is happening?
a) He wants attention b) He is imagining the pain c) He is hallucinating d) Phantom pain
What can happen to a joint that is not being used?
a) Angina b) Peristalsis c) Contracture d) Hypertension
Proper cast care includes
a) Wash it daily to keep it clean b) Dry it with a blow dryer if it gets wet c) Monitor circulation in extremities d) Remove it to bathe the patient
The name for a broken bone is
a) Fracture b) Splinter c) Cast d) Crack
Which is arthritis likely to affect most?
a) Appetite b) Mobility c) Nutrition d) Vision
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