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The movement of the earth in its parth around the sun is the earth's
a) revolution b) hemisphere c) parallel d) prime meridian
One half of the earth is a
a) standard time zone b) revolution c) hemisphere d) equator
The line at 0 degree longitude is
a) revolution b) prime meridian c) axis d) standard time zone
An are that has the same clock time is a
a) time zone b) revolution c) rotation d) hemisphere
The imaginary line through the earth connecting the North and South poles is the
a) revolution b) rotation c) parallel d) axis
A line of latitude is a
a) parallel b) perpindicular c) rotation d) equator
The seven major land areas of the earth are
a) equator b) continents c) Mayfield High School d) axis
The spinning of the earth is
a) revolution b) rotation c) standard time zone d) parallel
The line of latitude halfway between the North and South Poles
a) parallel b) degree c) equator d) standard time zone
The angle that describes the distance east or west of the prime meridian
a) axix b) revolution c) latitude d) longitude
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