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the same
a) elapsed b) equivalent c) symmetry d) perimeter
finding an easier number that is nearest the actual number
a) perimeter b) rounding c) elapsed d) denominator
half of a shape is the mirror image of the other half
a) denominator b) polygon c) perimeter d) symmetry
the same
a) congruent b) perimeter c) numerator d) polygon
time passed
a) polygon b) equivalent c) estimation d) elapsed
an educated, good, guess
a) equivalent b) polygon c) estimation d) perimeter
a closed shape with angles and straight sides
a) polygon b) perimeter c) congruent d) symmetry
the measure around an object
a) denominator b) perimeter c) numerator d) congruent
the bottom number of a fraction, or the total number of "pieces" something is divided into
a) numerator b) congruent c) equivalent d) denominator
the top number of a fraction, or the "pieces" of the total
a) numerator b) denominator c) congruent d) equivalent
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