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There are 248 gumballs in the gumball machine. There are an equal number of each of 8 colors. How many gumballs of each color are in the machine?
a) Multiply 248X8 b) Subtract 248-8 c) Add 248+8 d) Divide 8 by 248
Daniel\'s job at the supermarket is to stock shelves. He needs to put 686 bottles of soda on 7 shelves. How many bottles should he put on each shelf?
a) Divide to get answer b) Subtract c) Add d) Multiply
Lunch comes to $8.25. You pay with $10. Whats the change?
a) $2.75 b) $18.25 c) $1.75 d) $1.25
There are 52 weeks in a year. What is the best estimate to find total amount of days in a year?
a) 60X7=420 b) 50X12=600 c) 50X7=350 d) 52X70= 3,640
26 chickens lay 4 eggs a piece. How many eggs does Farmer Joe have?
a) 26+4=30 eggs b) 26/4= 114 eggs c) 26X4=104 eggs d) 26/4=6 eggs
I have 52 books. Each shelf can hold up to 7 books. How many shelves do I need to use for all 52 books?
a) 8 b) 5 c) 10 d) 7
If N=6 then what must be true (6xN) + (8-N)=
a) 40 b) 38 c) 32 d) 36
What are the factors of 24
a) 4,8,12,16,20,24 b) 1,2,4,6,12,24 c) 1,24 d) 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24
Which is a prime number?
a) 15 b) 21 c) 9 d) 19
If there were 32 pencils in a box and I kept half and gave 10 out to students, how many pencils are left?
a) 32+10-2= 40 pencils b) 32 divided by 2 is 16. Then 16-10=6 pencils c) 32-10=22 then 22-10=12 pencils d) Half of 32 is 18. 18-10=8 pencils
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