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Materials can be classified as
a) natural, plastic, and leather b) natural, synthetic, and mixed c) metal, synthetic, and leather d) metal, plastic, and leather
materials are classified according to the properties of
a) mechanical, radiant and nuclear b) thermal, radiant and electrical c) thermal, radiant and nuclear d) mechanical, thermal and electrical
Manufacturing production systems can be classified as
a) customized, batch and continuous b) natural, batch and continuous c) customized, synthetic and continuous d) customized, batch and natural
The effectiveness of the manufacturing process was increased by the introduction of
a) custom made parts b) batch production methods c) interchangeable parts d) natural materials
When designing engineering solutions to problems, which of the following is NOT taken into account?
a) scientific laws b) CAD systems c) engineering principles d) properties of materials
Defined as consisting of more than one distinct material type
a) composites b) plastic c) semiconductor d) ceramics
The measuring of resistance to being pulled apart
a) Fracture Toughness b) Tensile Strength c) Creep Strength d) Hardness
The ability of material to resist various kinds of rapidly changing stresses
a) Fracture Toughness b) Tensile Strength c) Creep Strength d) Fatigue Strength
The measure of how well a material accommodates the movement of an electric charge
a) Conductivity b) Resistivity c) Magnetic susceptibility d) Curie temperature
Products are made with no interruption to the production line from the input to output.
a) Custom b) Batch c) Continuous d) Intermittent
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