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Whole animal cloning puts a nucleus from a cell of one animal into
a) a sperm cell from another animal b) an egg cell from another animal c) the plasmid of a bacteria d) the chromosome of a bacteria
For this year's corn crop a farmer choose which plants will produce seeds. This is an example of
a) whole animal cloning b) gene cloning c) natural selection d) artificial selection
The new tools of genetic engineering allow us to manipulate __________ directly.
a) bacteria b) DNA c) RNA d) cell membranes
DNA nucleotides are made up of
a) a sugar group, an amino acid group and a nitrogenous base. b) a phosphate group, a sugar group and a nitrogenous base c) a protein group, a sugar group and a nitrogenous base d) a phosphate group, a starch group and a nitrogenous base
Rosalind Franklin's x-ray diffraction images of DNA gave James Watson and Francis Crick information about DNA's
a) location within the cell b) optimal temperature range c) structure d) function
Given the mRNA sequence GGU-GCU-CCU-AUU what would happen if a nucleotide was added at the fourth location in the chain?
a) deletion mutation b) substitution mutation c) frameshift mutation d) chromosomal mutation
The mode of inheritance for hemophilia is
a) sex-linked b) multiple alleles c) codominance d) incomplete dominance
Given the mRNA sequence GGU-GCU-CCU-AUU what would be the sequence of tRNA anticodons?
Once meiosis occurs gametes are formed with a reduced number of chromosomes. The gametes are
a) haploid b) uniploid c) homologous d) diploid
If we said the flower was homozygous dominant what are we looking at?
a) alleles b) chromosomes c) phenotypes d) genotypes
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