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After Old Major dies, which two characters take on the leadership
a) Mollie and Boxer b) Snowball and Squealer c) Napoleon and Snowball d) Mr. Jones and Boxer
Old Major taught the animals a song called
a) Comrades b) Beasts of England c) Animal Crackers d) Beasts of Animalism
What was the name of the man who did the trading for Napoleon
a) Mr. Fredrick b) Mr. Jones c) Mr. Pilkington d) Mr. Whymper
The first batttle between the humans and the animals came to be known as the:
a) Battle of Cowshed b) Battle of Jones c) Battle of the Windmill d) Battle of Humans
The novel Animal Farm is based on the
a) US Revolution b) Cold War c) Cuban Revolution d) Russian Revolution
Which group of animals always said, "Four legs good, two legs bad?"
a) pigs b) horses c) sheeps d) dogs
Who is the original creator/designer of the the windmill?
a) Snowball b) Mr. Jones c) Squealor d) Napoleon
Who was the strongest and most hardworking animal on the farm?
a) Benjamin b) Murial c) Boxer d) Clover
Who was always mentioning, Sugar Candy Mountain?
a) Mollie b) Moses c) Murial d) Misty
What are Boxer's mottos?
a) "Snowball is always right" & "For the glory of Animal Farm" b) "Life is short, work hard" & "Four legs good, two legs bad" c) "Napoleon is always right" & "I will work harder" d) "Four legs good, Two legs bad" & "Comrades"
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