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Max's answer was ___________when Grim asked him where he had been.
a) evasive b) abide c) invincible d) phony
While around the Fair Gwen, Max's __________ was excellent as he didn't want to disappoint her.
a) quest b) demeanor c) kin d) perspecitive
Gwen Avery tried to _____________ as much as possible for Kevin to hlep him.
a) abide b) divulge c) facilitate d) prodigy
Max dreamed about the __________________of the M80 on the Fourth of July.
a) prodigy b) demeanor c) regurgitate d) trajectory
Max knew that Grim and Gram's hugs were __________ and not really sincere.
a) unvanquished b) phony c) evasive d) aberration
The friendship between Max and Kevin seems to be an _____________ as most kids don't agree.
a) abide b) quest c) aberration d) perspective
Without knowing, Max was on a ________ to find Kevin for many years.
a) quest b) perspective c) regurgitate d) kin
Rodrick Philbrick deliberately keeps the reader wanting to know more about Max's________.
a) trajectory b) demeanor c) prodigy d) kin
As Max has very low self esteem, he would never consider himself a ____________.
a) quest b) trajectory c) prodigy d) kin
Max was so embarassed by what Gwen saw that he felt the need to _________ his lunch.
a) regurgitate b) abide c) trajectory d) divulge
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