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Electricity from rivers is called
a) hydroelectric power b) irrigation c) acid rain d) technology
The major danger that coal miners face today is
a) flood b) hunger c) cave-in d) heat
The use of skills, ideas, and tools to meet people's needs is
a) industry b) agriculture c) technology d) teaching
More than half of our country's comes from power plants that burn coal
a) water b) electricity c) pollution d) irrigation
These are small rivers that feed into the Mississippi River
a) deltas b) lakes c) streams d) tributaries
Wetland areas provide a home for many
a) plants and animals b) bacteria and germs c) industries d) tributaries
Burning coal the air
a) clears b) irrigates c) heats d) pollutes
This is the longest river on the Earth
a) Nile River b) Mississippi River c) Missouri River d) Illinois River
A type of flat-bottomed sailboat that carries pottery, grain, limestone and passengers.
a) dam b) felucca c) power plant d) delta
The Nile flows north toward the
a) Pacific Ocean b) Mississippi River c) Mediterranean Sea d) Carlyle Lake
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