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The Algonkian-speaking Native Americans named the River.
a) Missouri b) Mississippi c) Illinois d) Indiana
The starting point of a river is its
a) source b) mouth c) bed d) deepest point
The source of the Mississippi River is
a) Lake Erie b) Carlyle Lake c) Lake Itasca d) Lake Michigan
It takes a drop of water days to go from the source to the mouth of the Mississippi River
a) 30 b) 40 c) 50 d) 60
This is grown to be sold for money
a) coal b) cash crop c) acid rain d) delta
What caused the coal industry to grow faster in the 1830s?
a) growing seasons b) agriculture c) Naughty children d) Railroads
The place where a river empties into the ocean or another large body of water
a) source b) mouth c) bed d) deepest point
A place where ships unload and load their goods
a) port b) industry c) tributary d) river basin
A wet area such as a swamp or marsh is called a
a) desert b) delta c) river basin d) wetland
A black or brown mineral found in the ground
a) dirt b) mud c) coal d) iron
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