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Most of the library books (has, have) been returned.
a) has b) c) d) have
Everybody on the bus (was, were) going to Cleveland.
a) was b) c) d) were
Few of the men (is, are) going to play in the tournament.
a) is b) c) d) are
Neither of the two senators (has, have) explained the matter.
a) has b) c) d) have
Some of the salad (has, have) been eaten.
a) has b) c) d) have
Would everyone please bring __________ computer to the writing workshop?
a) their b) c) d) his or her
The principal told the PTA that anyone who wants their children to take art classes may enroll ______ for free at the community center.
a) his or her b) c) them d) her or him
Which of the following has incorrect pronoun antecedent agreement?
a) Neither Mary nor Laura has turned in her report. b) Neither Tom nor Jim can give his report today. c) Each of the boys takes care of his own room. d) Anybody can learn to set up their own tent.
Which of the following sentences does not contain an indefinite pronoun?
a) After the party ended, nobody offered to stay around and help clean. b) There were several road accidents during the snowstorm. c) Our poll showed that most people will vote for the mayor in November. d) They live in that town south of us.
Which of the following does not have correct pronoun antecedent agreement?
a) One should not worry too much about his past mistakes. b) Nobody plays his best when the humidity is very high. c) Has anyone lost their jacket? d) Each of us is prepared to give his speech on Thursday.
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