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The Hebrew religion is called _________________.
a) Judaism b) Christianity c) Hinduism d) Islam
Who led the Hebrews out of Egypt during the exodus?
a) Abraham b) Solomon c) David d) Moses
Who did God promise to a new land and make his descendants into a mighty nation?
a) Abraham b) Jesus c) Moses d) David
During which holiday do the Hebrews remember the Exodus from Egypt?
a) Passover b) Sukkot c) Diaspora d) Yom Kipper
Hebrew religious teachers are know as _____________.
a) rabbis b) ministers c) pastors d) emperors
What is the code of moral laws written on two stone tablets called?
a) Dead Sea Scrolls b) Ten Commandments c) High Holy Days d) Passover
What does monotheism mean?
a) belief in one god b) belief in many gods c) belief in no god d) prayers to gods
What is the purpose of the Talmud?
a) to explain Jewish laws b) to state the laws that Jews must follow c) to reveal the word of God d) to tell the history of the Jews
After returning to Canaan, the Hebrews called themselves _________________.
a) Israelites b) Canaanites c) Jews d) Philistines
Who became the king of Israelites after David?
a) Solomon b) Saul c) Daniel d) Abraham
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