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The attraction between molecules of the same substance is
a) adhesion b) polarity c) hydrogen bonding d) cohesion
The attraction between molecules of different substances is
a) adhesion b) polarity c) hydrogen bonding d) cohesion
Because of partial positive and negative charges within a molecule, ___ occurs.
a) adhesion b) polarity c) hydrogen bonding d) cohesion
A molecule in which charges are unevenly distributed is
a) adhesion b) cohesion c) hydrogen bonding d) polar
When adhesion allows water to move up a column against gravity, ___takes place.
a) cohesion b) adhesion c) capillary action d) surface tension
A material composed of two or more elements that are physically mixed but not chemically combined is a
a) compound b) mixture c) buffer d) element
If all of the components of a mixture are evenly distributed and mixed, the material is a(n)
a) ionic substance b) compound c) colloid d) solution
The substance that is dissolved in a solution is the
a) solvent b) solute c) solution d) mixture
A solution that contains lower concentrations of hydrogen ions than pure water is a(n)
a) acid b) base c) buffer d) solution
The higher the number on the pH scale, the more ____ the solution becomes.
a) acidic b) basic c) neutral d) buffered
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