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A description of the characteristics of the person or company that is likely to purchase a product or service
a) demographics b) focus group c) psychographics d) customer profile
Information collected for the first time to fit a specific purpose
a) demographics b) secondary data c) primary data d) psychographics
The people that are interested in a particular product or service and are willing and able to pay for it
a) qualified customers b) focus group c) customer profile d) target market
An interview with groups of target customers who provide valuable ideas on products or services
a) focus group b) market segment c) target market d) customer session
A system for collecting, recording, and analyzing information about customers, competitors, good, and services
a) marketing concept b) market research c) marget segment d) marketing plan
A concept that uses the needs of customers as the primary focus during the planning, production, distribution, and promotion of a product or service
a) marketing concept b) market research c) customer profile d) market group
Groups of customers within a large market who share common characteristics
a) customer profile b) primary data c) market segment d) secondary data
Data that describe a group of people in terms such as age, marital status, family size, and ethnicity
a) psychographics b) focus groups c) demographics d) market group
Data found in already published sources
a) primary data b) secondary data c) market data d) essential data
Data that describe a group of people in terms of their tastes, opinions, personality traits, and leftstyle habits
a) psychographics b) customer data c) primary data d) demographics
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