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A person is always pleased when others laugh at ________ jokes.
a) his or hers b) their c) d)
Ask Lisa and Francesca for __________ opinions.
a) her b) their c) d)
All citizens should accept (his or her, their) responsibilities.
a) his or hers b) their c) d)
Elena, who wrote __________ history paper on Filipino immigration after World War II, could probably answer your question.
a) her b) it c) their d)
Any student who comes up with __________ own original topic should get Mr. Chuen to approve it.
a) their b) his or her c) d)
Which of the following does not have correct pronoun antecedent agreement?
a) The equipment and the glassware showed their age. b) Either the crystals or the powder must have lost their potency. c) Neither the technicians nor the lab assistant was willing to change his attitude. d) The board of editors makes its report.
Hattie McDaniel, who won an Oscar for __________ performance in Gone with the Wind, was the first African American to win an Academy Award.
a) her b) their c) it d)
Clayton is someone who sets __________ goals high and never backs away from a challenge.
a) his b) their c) it d)
The younger cat, which tends to devour __________ food too fast, has been put on a special feeding schedule.
a) its b) their c) them d)
Each student was given a locker for __________ equipment.
a) their b) his or her c) your d)
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