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A monarch rules over what type of government system?
a) Oligarchy b) Democracy c) Confederation d) Unitary
Which BEST describes the government of Saudi Arabia?
a) oligarchy b) monarchy c) democracy d) dictatorship
Which branch of government is responsible for making and carrying out the laws in a parliamentary system of government?
a) judicial b) executive c) legislative d) parliament
What is the leader of a parliamentary system of government usually called?
a) Dictator b) Prime Minister c) President d) Governor
The leader of a parliamentary system is chosen by
a) a popular vote of the people b) the political party with the most representatives in the legislature c) the monarch or king d) a decision made by the Congress
In a presidential system of government, how is the president chosen?
a) by a majority vote of the legislature b) a decision made by Congress c) by the political party with the most representatives in the legislature d) by the people in free elections
In a parliamentary system, who is the Head of State?
a) a person with no actual power b) the person who can veto laws proposed by the legislature c) the person in a ceremonial role without much actual power d) the most powerful person in the government
What is the Israeli parliament called?
a) Senate b) Knesset c) Congress d) House of Representatives
What role do religious leaders play in the Israeli government?
a) They are not allowed tro run for political office b) religious leaders always control which candidates can run for office c) they have some influence in making laws d) they are guaranteed opportunities to make and enforce laws
What is the definition of a theocracy?
a) A government that allows the people to choose the leaders b) A government that sees God as the supreme ruler c) A system in which only religious leaders are allowed to vote d) A system in which religious laws are separate from civil laws
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