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The mountains -blank- peace in me
a) elecits b) don\'t c) produce d) put
My teachers -blank- my creative interests.
a) support b) dislike c) enable d) don't care about
My parents help me to reach my full -blank-.
a) happiness b) potential c) moon d) possibility's
With my new glasses, I see with much more -blank-.
a) clarity b) positivity c) pink poka-dots d) light
Grandmother's wisdom can bring great -blank- into your problems.
a) proverbs b) confusion c) darkness d) insight
All news providers are at least somewhat -blank-.
a) good b) bias c) sane d) wrong
One common -blank- about dolls is that they don't come to life when you are gone.
a) belief b) sunshine c) misconception d) thing
'What comes around goes around' is an example of a -blank-.
a) cliche b) proverb c) old wise tale d) tradition
Give a -blank- between oranges and apples in a venn diagram.
a) similarity b) comparison c) list d) frowny face
Your organs are -blank-.
a) purple b) happy c) working d) internal
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