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What is a settlement ruled by another country?
a) exports b) colony c) cash crop d) triangular trade
What is a hand-held tablet used in schools by children to write lesson, the alphabet, or prayers
a) plantations b) imports c) indigo d) hornbook
What is a group of people with the power to make or change laws?
a) industry b) legislature c) colony d) apprentice
A person skilled in some industry; a craftsman
a) artisan b) cash crops c) indentured servant d) apprentice
the business of buying/selling human beings
a) exports b) legislature c) industry d) slave trade
A person who learns a craft of trade from a master craftsman
a) indentured servant b) artisan c) apprentice d) hornbook
large farms
a) legislature b) colony c) hornbook d) plantations
a crop that people raise to sell rather than use themselves
a) export b) cash crop c) import d) artisan
a person who agrees to work for another person without pay for a certain length of time in exchange for transportation to the New World; After serving their time, they were released to be free citizens
a) indentured servant b) artisan c) slave trade d) exports
a plant grown in the southern colonies that produced a blue dye used to dye clothing and cloth
a) cash crops b) industry c) indigo d) plantations
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