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Minimum amount of energy needed for reactants to form products in a chemical reaction
a) active site b) activation energy c) catalyst d) enzyme
Location where a substrate binds on an enzyme
a) substrate b) product c) reactant d) active site
Substances that lowers the activation energy needed to start a chemical reaction
a) catalyst b) enzyme c) reactant d) substrate
Process by which atoms or groups of atoms in substances are reorganized into different substances
a) reactant b) substrate c) chemical reaction d) product
Protein that speeds up a chemical reaction in a biological process
a) enzyme b) product c) substrate d) reactant
Substance formed during a chemical reaction
a) enzyme b) product c) substrate d) reactant
Starting substance in a chemical reaction
a) enzyme b) product c) substrate d) reactant
Reactant that binds to an enzyme
a) catalyst b) product c) substrate d) reactant
Number in front of a reactant or a product in a chemical equation
a) subscript b) coefficient c) substrate d) catalyst
Substance that cannot be broken down into other substances
a) element b) compound c) molecule d) catalyst
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