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If 55g of silver has a volume of 5.2cm3, what is its density?
a) 286 g/cm3 b) 10.6 g/cm3 c) 1.2 g/cm3 d) .09 g/cm3
the mass of a piece of lead is 35g and it has a density of 11.3g/cm3. What is its volume?
a) 3.1 cm3 b) 395.5 cm3 c) .3 cm3 d) 1.2 cm3
The volume of a piece of copper is 35cm3 and its density is 8.9 g/cm3. What is its mass?
a) 3.9 g b) .3 g c) 311.5 g d) 1.2 g
What is the formula for density?
a) D = V/M b) D = M/V c) D = M x V d) D = M/D
If you were to cut an object in half, what would happen to the object's density
a) Density would be half b) Density would double c) Density would be the same d) Density would triple
The amount of matter an object has is called its
a) Mass b) Volume c) Weight d) Density
The amount of space an object takes up is called its
a) mass b) weight c) density d) volume
If an object has a density of .8 g/mL, what will happen if it is put in water
a) sink b) float c) go to the bottom d) stay in the middle
If an object is floating, then its density could be
a) 1.0 g/mL b) 1.2 g/mL c) .8 g/mL d) 5.0 g/mL
The metric unit of length is the
a) liter b) meter c) gram d) newton
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