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Cactus Hill in southeastern Virginia provided evidence that humans lived about 15000 years ago-
a) through the recovery and analysis of artifacts b) through the discovery of government documents c) by traveling to foreign lands d) by trading with Europe
Which of the following groups lived in the interior section of the United States called the Great Plains and roamed the dry grasslands?
a) Lakota b) Inuit c) Iroquois d) Kwakiutl
Indians who lived in Arctic areas where the temperature is below freezing much of the year were the-
a) Pueblo b) Incas c) Iroquois d) Inuit
In which geographical region would American Indians have found grasslands and grazing buffalo?
a) Interior Lowlands b) Basin and Range c) Coastal Plains d) Great Plains
Which of the following terms best describes the typical lifestyle of American Indians in the past?
a) wheat production b) fishing, hunting, and harvesting c) commercial industry d) terrace farming
American Indians were able to meet their basic needs because of their-
a) ability to adapt to their environment b) businesses and industries c) ocean navigation tools d) numerous railroads and transportation
American Indians used canoes, bows, and spears to produce goods or make other goods. These items are
a) natural resources b) human resources c) capital resources d) government resources
The Pueblo lived in adobe houses. What did the Pueblo do for food?
a) wandered to gather food b) grew crops c) roamed to hunt buffalo d) lived in igloos
Which American Indians lived in tepees?
a) Pueblo b) Iroquois c) Inuit d) Lakota
Which American Indians lived in the eastern woodlands?
a) Iroquois b) Inuit c) Lakota d) Pueblo
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