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Which of the following is NOT a way to conserve soil?
a) strip cropping b) contour plowing c) coal mining d) dam building
All _____________ contain energy that was once stored in cells of living things.
a) solar energy b) carbon dioxide c) fossil fuels d) minerals
The greatest cause of soil loss is erosion by ________________.
a) glaciers b) running water c) windstorms d) farming
The wise use of earth's resources is ________________.
a) conservation b) renewing c) erosion d) terracing
The following are layers of Earth except _____________.
a) mantle b) outer core c) crust d) graphite
Minerals obtain many useful metals from ___________.
a) soil b) solar energy c) ores d) renewable resources
Earth's ________________ cannot be replaced in a short time.
a) solar energy b) ores c) nonrenwable resources d) renewable resources
The loose material that covers much of Earth's surface is ________.
a) soil b) solar energy c) ores d) nonrenewable resources
When you warm a house with energy from the sun, you are using __________.
a) soil b) solar energy c) renewable resources d) nonrenewable resources
Fresh water and trees are examples of ______________.
a) solar energy b) ores c) renewable resources d) nonrenewable resources
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