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The savanna is a _______________________ that has a lot of rainfall during some seasons and very little rainfall in others.
a) grassland b) wetland c) d)
The two main kinds of grasslands are termperate grasslands and ________________.
a) bermuda b) savannas c) d)
A grassland is a biome made up mainly of grasses, small flowering plants, and a __________ trees..
a) few b) lot of c) d)
You are in Africa. It is summer and dried grass covers the ground. Zebra are being preyed upon by hyenas. You are likely in the ______________ biome.
a) taiga b) savanna c) d)
The savanna grasses can live for many months without water because of their long tap ______________.
a) roots b) stems c) d)
______________________ is an abiotic factor.
a) Rainfall b) The acacia tree c) d)
_______________ is a biotic factor of the environment.
a) Rainfall b) The acacia tree c) d)
The grasses have _____________that discourage animals from grazing on them: some grasses are too bitter for some animals, but are tasty to others, to eat.
a) adaptation b) seeds c) d)
The savanna is home to the _____________ animals.
a) largest b) smallest c) d)
In ______________, you will find the East African savannas covered with acacia trees; and the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania with animals like lions, zebras, elephants, and giraffes.
a) Africa b) Australia c) d)
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