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What is a series of steps scientists use to answer their questions?
a) observation b) question c) scientific method d) conclusion
Which step do scientists use their 5 senses to form their questions?
a) hypothesis b) conclusion c) experiment d) observations
Which step do you state whether your hypothesis is correct, incorrect, or inconclusive?
a) hypothesis b) analysis c) conclusion d) communicate
Which step do you state the problem you are investigating?
a) question b) observation c) analysis d) hypothesis
Which step do you test the hypothesis?
a) analysis b) conclusion c) question d) experiment
Which step do you organize the data into tables and graphs?
a) experiment b) analysis c) conclusion d) hypothesis
Which step is a possible explanation provided?
a) observation b) hypothesis c) conclusion d) analysis
Which step are the results of the experiment shared?
a) analysis b) question c) conclusion d) communicate
What is the correct order of the scientific method?
a) conclusion, analysis, experiment, hypothesis, question, observation b) observations, question, hypothesis, experiment, analysis, conclusion c) analysis, conclusion, hypothesis, observations, question, experiment d) observations, question, experiment, hypothesis, communicate, conclusion
Which of the following is a hypothesis?
a) Plants grow better under blue & red light because chlorophyll absorbs those energy waves. b) Plants grow better under sunlight. c) Plants do not grow under blue & red light. d) None of the above.
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