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Who is the most important person in our school?
a) You b) The pricipal c) The custodian d) The Teachers
Who gives you smiles at the front office?
a) Mr. Williams b) Barney c) Snoopy d) The secretaries
Who serves you lunch?
a) Mrs. Harrah b) Mrs. Dewey c) Mrs. Slack and Mrs. Bishop d) Mrs. Thornton
Who helps us in the Computer Lab
a) Mr. Williams b) Mrs. Wilkinson c) Mrs. Harrah d) Mrs. Thornton
Who helps you cross the street?
a) 5th Graders b) Moms c) Teachers d) The crossing guard
Who can be on the Safety Patrol?
a) 3rd-5th graders b) ONLY 5th graders c) Anyone d) No one
Who keeps our school clean?
a) Mrs. Dewey b) Mr. Williams and Mr. McInnes c) Mrs. Harrah d) EVERYONE!
Who is our Librarian?
a) Mrs. Slack b) Mrs. Wilkinson c) Mrs. Lefler d) Mrs. Harrah
Who is our Principal?
a) Mrs. Harrah b) Mrs. Dewy c) Mr. Williams d) Mrs. Thornton
Who is your teacher?
a) Mrs. Lasater b) Mrs. Robinson c) Mrs. Thornton d) Mrs. Alvarado
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