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This Supreme Court Case made segregration legal
a) Brown v. the Borad of Education b) Plessy v. Ferguson c) Bakke v. California d) Flynn v. Atkins
This Supreme Court Case made segregation ILLEGAL
a) Brown v. The Board of Education b) Plessy v. Ferguson c) Bakke v. California d) Flynn v. Harper
This amendment abolished slavery
a) 13th b) 14th c) 15th d) 16th
This amendment gave women the right to vote:
a) 19 b) 18 c) 20 d) 21
The term suffrage means:
a) to vote b) to be in serious pain c) tax d) to owe someone money
All economic decisions are made by the government
a) Command b) Market c) Traditional d) Mixed
Businesses are privately owned in this type of economy
a) Market b) Mixed c) Traditional d) Command
Combination of privately owned and government controlled businesses
a) Mixed b) Market c) Command d) Traditional
A tariff is...
a) a tax placed on imports b) the right to vote c) the city d) an income tax
Type of economy based on customs
a) Tradition b) Mixed c) Market d) Command
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