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Which group spoke Algonquian in the Coastal Plain Region?
a) Powhatan b) Cherokee c) Monacan d)
Which group spoke Iroquoian in southwest VA and parts close to North Carolina?
a) Powhatan b) Monacan c) Cherokee d)
Who called the people he saw in Virginia Indians because he thought he was in the Indies?
a) Christopher Columbus b) Christopher Newport c) Captain John Smith d) Juan Ponce de Leon
This language was spoken in the Piedmont region.
a) Iroquoian b) Siouan c) Algonquian d)
The Monacan were primarily in which region?
a) Appalachian Plateau b) Coastal Plain (Tidewater) c) Valley & Ridge d) Piedmont
Which group of people did Europeans first meet speaking Algonquian?
a) Powhatan b) Cherokee c) Monacan d)
Cherokee spoke what language?
a) Algonquian b) Iroquoian c) Siouan d)
All of the following were language groups in Virginia except?
a) Iroquoian b) Siouan c) Algonquian d) Monacan
Which of the following was not a tribal group of Virginia?
a) Siouan b) Monacan c) Powhatan d) Cherokee
Iroquoian was spoken where primarily?
a) southwestern VA and parts close to North Carolina b) southeastern VA and parts close to South Carolina c) Piedmont Region d) Coastal Plain (Tidewater) Region
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