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What is an example of a nonliving thing?
a) tree b) person c) monkey d) rock
What is an example of a living thing?
a) your family b) all of the above c) a dog d) cat
what is a living thing?
a) something that lives b) c) d) something that does't live
What is an example of a mammal?
a) bridge b) cat c) tree d) car
What can you recycle?
a) cans b) all of them c) plastic d) paper
What are the 3 r\'s of recycling?
a) rat, ram, jam b) reduce, reuse, recycle c) redo, rewrite, recycle d) robot,road,runs
What pollutes the earth?
a) air b) throwing garbage on the ground c) shirts d) computers
Is everything that breathes a living thing?
a) yes b) no c) d)
What doesn't pollute the earth?
a) littering b) pouring oil into the water c) planting trees d) car gas
How can you make a difference in the earth?
a) By littering b) c) By planting trees and trowing your trash in the garbage d) By polluting the air
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