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Any of a group of mostly single-celled, microscopic organisms
a) protists b) fission c) cells d) diatoms
word that means made up of more than one cell
a) protists b) cilia c) multicellular d) pseudopods
A process by which many protists reproduce.
a) fission b) diatoms c) flagellum d) mitosis
Which of the following is NOT a plant-like protist?
a) algae b) parameciums c) seaweed d) kelp
Which of the following is NOT an animal like protist?
a) parameciums b) protozoans c) amoebas d) kelp
A type of algae that are very plentiful.
a) cilia b) pseudopods c) flagellum d) diatoms
The base of the ocean floor food chain.
a) algae b) diatoms c) plankton d) seaweed
Hair-like structures that allow paramecium to move.
a) pseudopods b) flagellum c) cilia d) cytoplasm
False feet that help an amoeba move.
a) psuedopods b) flagellum c) cilia d) cytoplasm
Tails on some protozoans that help them move.
a) psuedopods b) flagellum c) cilia d) cytoplasm
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