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What is the name of the ship coming to take slaves in Africa?
a) James b) Lord Carnavan c) Lord Liganer d) Colombia
How many slaves did the ship carry back to the Americas?
a) 120 b) 130 c) 150 d) 170
If the boys failed the Manhood Training, what would happen?
a) Put into slavery b) Exiled from the village c) Never allowed to marry d) All the above
Around what year is Kunta taken to the Americas?
a) 1700 b) 1690 c) 1750 d) 1800
In what colony did Kunta land in the Americas?
a) Virginia b) Maryland c) Virginia d) Tennessee
What was the name of the girl Kunta meets again in the slave cells?
a) Maggie b) Phanta c) Flora d) None of the above
Who was the leader of the Manhood Training?
a) Council b) Collaborator c) Contango d) All the above
What was "Loose Pack."
a) How they send goods to the colonies b) Packing slaves on the ships with some room c) Tightly squeezing slaves into sailing quarters d) All the above
How does the Captain feel about sailing with slaves.
a) He's done it before b) He is comfortable with it c) Is not happy about it d) None of the above
Kunta wrestled like an animal. Which one was he compared to?
a) Tiger b) Javelina c) Leopard d) Warthog
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