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All of the following were ways Native Americans obtained food except?
a) fished b) hunted c) traded d) gathered
Who are people who study humans and cultures from the past?
a) biologists b) archaeologists c) scientist d) machinists
Goods and services that are produced by people are called:
a) natural resources b) capital resources c) human resources d) people resources
Capital resources found in the ground are commonly called:
a) fossils b) treasures c) artifacts d) ruins
Which Native American tribe made homes of Adobe and lived in deserts or cliffs?
a) Pueblo b) Iroquois c) Lakota d) Inuit
Most Native Americans met their basic food needs by
a) trading with neighbors b) traveling to nearby towns c) buying goods from settlers d) using resources found in their environment
Making clothes, building a habitat, and cooking are examples of
a) natural resources b) capital resources c) human resources d) environmental resources
Which Native American tribe would have most likely been nomadic, moving from place to place around the Great Plains?
a) Inuit b) Iroquois c) Pueblo d) Lakota
The Eastern Woodlands best describes the geography and climate of the
a) Lakota b) Iroquois c) Inuit d) Kwakiutl
Which Native American tribe inhabited the Pacific Northwest Coast, characterized as a rainy and mild climate?
a) Inuit b) Pueblo c) Lakota d) Kwakiutl
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