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Genre is...
a) a work of literature meant to be performed on stage b) specific form of literature such as a poem or novel c) sets the stage for the story d) must be believeable
Which of the following is NOT one of the forms of drama?
a) Man-against-man b) Man-against-nature c) Man-against-beast d) Man-against-himself
The central concept of a story is the
a) setting b) theme c) action d) characters
Falling action is the moment when..
a) tensions build b) they live happily ever after c) something has got to give d) it all comes clear
If something is easy to see it would be
a) obvious b) obtuse c) outcast d) random
The resolution is when
a) all conflicts are resolved b) all questions are answered c) not always good d) all of the above
Which is NOT a character in drama?
a) Round Character b) Long Character c) Flat Character d) Stock Character
The less important characters in a drama are
a) Major Characters b) Lead Characters c) Minor Characters d) Stars
An exchange of words between two or more characters
a) monologue b) introspective c) dialogue d) soliloquy
The obligatory scene is where
a) they lived happily ever after b) the good guy gets the girl c) the bad guy gets what he deserves d) all of the above
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