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What instrument is used to measure atmospheric pressure?
a) Barometer b) Weather c) Thermometer d) Bacteria
The acceleration of a falling object is due to which force occurring between the object and the earth?
a) Front b) c) d) Gravity
Humans eat both plants and animals. Identify the term for such organisms
a) Omnivore b) c) d)
Give the term referring to the boundary that forms when two air masses with different properties meet
a) Front b) c) d)
Identify the nutrient that supplies the body with energy, and also helps support and cushion the vital organs in the body.
a) Fat b) c) d)
when you breathe out, what waste gasare you getting rid of?
a) carbon dioxide b) c) d)
what one celled organisms can be responsible for spoiling food or causing diseases?
a) bacteria b) c) d)
what device orbits the earth and allows meteorologists to better forecast the weather?
a) satellites b) c) d)
it is a necessity in the science lab. what instrument uses light and lenses to produce an enlarged image of an object?
a) microscope b) c) d)
what is the property of matter that tends to resist any change in motion?
a) inertia b) c) d)
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