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Who developed binomial nomenclature?
a) Aristotle b) Darwin c) Linnaeus d) Pasteur
The scientific name of any organism consists of which levels of classification?
a) class and species b) domain and species c) family and species d) genus and species
Which of the following does not describe the Domain Archaebacteria?
a) They have eukaryotic cells b) They have prokaryotic cells c) They are unicellular d) They are the oldest forms of life on Earth
Which is the proper order from broadest to specific levels of classification?
a) kingdom, species, genus, family, order, class, phylum b) kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus species c) kingdom, genus,phylum, species, class, order, family d) phylum, kingdom,class, order,family, genus, species
Organisms in the Kingdom Plantae are
a) multicellular and autotrophic b) multicellular and heterotrophic c) unicellular and autotrophic d) unicellular and heterotrophic
Which of the following does not belong to the Kingdom Protisita?
a) amoeba b) bacillus c) euglena d) paramecium
Two organisms that are in the same order but in different families would
a) be in different phyla b) be in different classes c) be in the same class d) be in the same genus
Which kingdom contains organisms which are eukaryotic, heterotrophic and multicellular?
a) Animalia b) Fungi c) Plantae d) Protista
Which of the following are not all in the same kingdom?
a) sponge, coral, flatworm b) algae, amoeba, paramecium c) algae, grass, oak tree d) mold, mushroom, yeast
Why are viruses not classified as living organisms?
a) They do not have DNA or RNA b) They cannot reproduce or live outside of host cells c) They are from outer space d) They cannot reproduce
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