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Below is a preview of the questions contained within the game titled WATERSHED REVIEW 2: This Review Contains Work Not Only On Water Testing But Also On Vocabulary We Are Using In Our Unit And Defined In The Science Explorers Text. Make Sure Again To Score At Least 8 Out Of 10. To play games using this data set, follow the directions below. Good luck and have fun. Enjoy! [print these questions]

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An aquifer is...
a) the solid part of land under the ground b) None of the above c) the liquid in the mantle d) the underground layer of rock that hold water
An artesian well is like a _____________
a) spring b) stream c) pond d) well
What is the problem in the town of Fairview?
a) a well is contaminated with lead b) a well has dried up in the town c) the gas station closed d) None of the above
Unsaturated Zone is ________________
a) The layer of water that IS Saturated with water b) a pond c) the grass layer d) The layer of water that IS NOT saturated with water
Which of these things is NOT permeable
a) sponge b) table c) clothes d) skin
Water flows fast _____________
a) above ground b) when pushed c) in a pond d) below ground
Most of the Earth\'s fresh water is located where?
a) underground b) lakes and rivers c) icebergs d) water vapor
The energy that drives the water cycle comes from the ___________
a) Ocean b) Sun c) Earth d) Rain
Which one of these factors DOES NOT effect Runoff?
a) Rate of Rain fall (How fast it is raining) b) Whether is is on flat land or on a slope or hill c) Whether the wind is blowing directly on the land d) How permeable the ground surface is (Whether soil, concrete, or asphalt)
Erosion is .....
a) a myth b) the process in which water of a river wears away land, soil and rocks c) the process in which water brings soil or sand to the beach d) related to the Sun
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