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Your paragraph should include a ____________ sentence formulas.
a) variety of b) limited number of c) few d) only one
The parts of the paragraph:
a) Author, Body, End b) Title, Introduction, Body c) Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Ending d) Title, Introduction, Body, Conclusion
When you edit your work, you should check for common ___________ mistakes
a) sentence b) tense c) detail d) clincher
A verb in the present tense
a) will eat b) dances c) went d) had gone
Subjects to use in the 3rd person point of view:
a) I, me, my, ours, we b) You, your c) I, he, she, you d) He, she, they, Tim, the dog
The C step of SCRIBE:
a) Create a Title b) Create a Topic Sentence c) Collect data d) Clincher
Your entire paragraph should be written in the same
a) point of view and handwriting b) tense and language c) point of view and tense d) language and handwriting
The S step of SCRIBE:
a) Start Writing b) Set up a Diagram c) Settle the Clincher d) Sum up the Details
There are ___________ parts to a paragraph
a) four b) three c) five d) two
The part of your paragraph diagram that ties all other information together:
a) Order b) Topic c) Sequence d) Details
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