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The Sequences are: _________, size, space, time, importance
a) order b) interest c) chronological d) chain-link
Lead-off or Follow-up?- I want to watch 'Looper.'
a) Follow-up b) Lead-off c) d)
Which transitions would match the Time Sequence?
a) the most important, the least important b) first, after, then c) on the right, to the left d) on one hand, also
Lead-off or Follow-up?- After we eat, we will go to the movies.
a) Follow-up b) Lead-off c) d)
Which type of Detail Sentence contains a transition?
a) Follow-up b) Topic c) Lead-off d) Clincher
Lead-off sentences introduce
a) a new detail. b) the main idea. c) the end of the paragraph. d) a new character
The two types of Detail Sentences:
a) General and Specific b) Topic and Detail c) Lead-off and Follow-up d) Clueing and Clincher
Detail Sentences form the ________________ of the paragraph.
a) Introduction b) Body c) Conclusion d) Title
Detail Sentences cover the ______________ of the paragraph
a) Details b) Main Idea c) Information d) Clincher
When we write about literature, we must write in
a) 3rd person, present tense b) 1st person, past tense c) 2nd person, future tense d) 3rd person, past tense
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