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What is the formula for calculating speed?
a) distance / time b) distance X time c) distance + time d) distance - time
Movement occurs when an object moves relative to a _______________.
a) moving object b) stationary object c) different object d) reference point
An object that travels 100 m in 20s has what speed?
a) 200 m/s b) 5 m/s c) 2,000 m/s d) 50 m/s
The ___________ measures the speed during an entire trip
a) instantaneous speed b) acceleration c) average speed d) overall speed
If a distance-time graph shows a horizontal line, the object is ________________.
a) moving at a constant speed b) moving in a straight line c) at rest (not moving) d) getting faster
When you graph distance and time, distance is on the ____________.
a) x- axis b) y-axis c) horizontal axis d) z-axis
When you graph speed and time, time is on the ____________.
a) x-axis b) y-axis c) vertical axis d) z-axis
Which of the following is an example of a reference point?
a) Mountain b) School c) Restaurant d) All of the above
A straight horizontal line on a speed-time graph means ___________________.
a) the object is at rest b) speed is decreasing c) the speed is constant d) speed is increasing
An object that keeps getting faster is ________________________.
a) accelerating b) decelerating c) at rest d) moving at a constant speed
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