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When eaten raw, leafy green vegetables are known as
a) salad greens b) bulbs c) cooking greens d) seaweeds
Vegetables that grow in water with filtered sunlight
a) bulbs b) seaweeds c) cooking greens d) simmering
Which of the following is NOT a root vegetable?
a) onions b) beets c) carrots d) parsnips
What cabbage-like vegetable is sometimes added to a stir-fry?
a) artichoke b) bok choi c) okra d) kohlrabi
Storing potatoes in the refrigerator, you should wash them throughly and place them in a container with holes to let in moisture
a) True b) False c) -------- d) --------
Sprouts, or new offshoots growing from vegetables, bulbs, and tubers, indicate that the vegetables have been stored too long.
a) True b) False c) -------- d) --------
Vegetables come from a variety of different plant parts
a) True b) False c) -------- d) --------
Frozen vegetables generally take more time to cook than fresh vegetables
a) True b) False c) -------- d) --------
Most fresh vegetables should be used within two to five days
a) True b) False c) -------- d) --------
Which of the convenience vegetables keeps them closet in nutrients, color, and flavor to the fresh form of the same vegetables?
a) canned b) frozen c) dried for use as flavorings d) dried for reconstituting
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