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Which of the following vegetables is a type of edible fungus?
a) asparagus b) brussel sprouts c) carrots d) mushrooms
All of the follwing are fruit-type vegetables EXCEPT
a) asparagus b) tomato c) okra d) eggplant
Cucumbers are a root vegetable related to pumpkins, watermelon, and squash
a) True b) -------- c) -------- d) False
Which of the following does NOT happen when vegetables are cooked?
a) Heating softens the fiber in the cells, making the vegetables tender b) Cooking destroys much of the flavor or vegetables, even if cooked properly c) Vegetables remain colorful when properly cooked d) Some of the nutrients are dissolved in water or destroyed by heat
Vegetables, such as onions and garlic, that add flavor and aroma to some dishes
a) aromatic vegetables b) sea vegetables c) tuber d) solanine
large, underground stem that stores nutrients
a) tubers b) sea vegetables c) carrageen d) solanine
Cooking vegetables in a small amount of boiling water in a covered saucepan is known as
a) simmering b) bulbs c) salad greens d) seaweed
When eaten raw, leafy green vegetables are known as
a) bulbs b) salad greens c) cooking greens d) seaweeds
Such vegetables, which are classified as algae rather than plants, are also known as
a) bulbs b) cooking greens c) salad greens d) seaweeds
Such vegetables as onion and garlic are classifed as _______________, which have layers of fleshy leaves surrounding the underground part of the stem.
a) bulbs b) cooking greens c) salad greens d) seaweeds
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