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What are the parts that make up a nucleotide?
a) phosphate, amino acid, sugar b) sugar, amino acid, nitrogenous base c) nitrogenous base, amino acid, phosphate d) sugar, phosphate, nitrogenous base
The center of the DNA molecule, the rungs of the ladder, are composed of
a) phosphates only b) nitrogenous bases and sugar c) phosphates and sugars d) nitrogenous bases only
Which way do the nitrogenous bases in DNA pair up?
a) A and G; T and C b) A and A; T and T; G and G; C and C c) A and T; G and C d) A and C; T and G
The sides of the DNA molecule, the rails of the ladder, are composed of
a) Phosphate only b) nitrogenous bases and sugars c) phosphates and sugars d) nitrogenous bases only
Wilkins and Franklin were responsible for discovering important information about what aspect of DNA?
a) its shape b) that is was the genetic material c) its chemical composition d) its molecular structure
Rosalind Franklin\'s x-ray diffraction images of DNA gave James Watson and Francis Crick information about DNA\'s
a) function b) location within the cell c) optimal temperature range d) structure
DNA is made of
a) nucleotides b) monosaccharides c) lipids d) amino acids
The structure of DNA is referred to as a
a) double helix b) x-ray diffraction image c) single helix d) wagon wheel
The sugar molecule of DNA is referred to as
a) phosphate b) hydrogen bonding c) deoxyribose d) nitrogenous
The backbone or sides of the DNA molecule are made of
a) cytosine b) sugar and phosphate c) hydrogen bonding d) nitrogenous bases
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