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The land and bison are sacred to them.
a) Native Americans b) European Immigrants c) Mexican Americans d) African Americans
________________________ was the leader of the Lakota Sioux.
a) Sitting Bull b) U.S. Government c) Geronimo d) Chief Joseph
___________________ was the U.S. Army leader who often attacked Native American tribes.
a) George Custer b) Geronimo c) Chief Joseph d) Sitting Bull
_____________________ was the leader of the Nez Perce
a) Chief Joseph b) Geronimo c) George Custer d) Sitting Bull
_____________ was the leader of the Apache tribe.
a) Geronimo b) Chief Joseph c) George Custer d) Sitting Bull
This dividied farm land for Native Americans.
a) Dawes Severalty Act, 1887 b) Wounded Knee c) Battle of Little Bighorn d) Custer\'s Last Stand
These group promised to send food to Native Americans but never delivered.
a) U.S. Government b) Sitting Bull c) Chief Joseph d) Native Americans
This battle is also known as Custer\'s Last Stand.
a) Battle of Little Bighorn b) Wounded Knee c) Battle of Big Elephant d) Sand Creek Massacre
This was a battle with Native Americans.
a) Sand Creek Massacre b) Native American battle c) Dawes Severalty d) Geronimo
Just like Native Americans, this group was also DISCRIMINATED against.
a) African-Americans b) Australians c) Canadians d) South Americans
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