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What term means mass per unit volume
a) density b) buoyancy c) displacement d) specific gravity
If the mass is 7 and the volume is 14. What is the density?
a) 1.50 b) 2 c) .5 d) 98
If the density of water is 1.00g/ml. Will paper sink if the density is .25?
a) yes b) c) d) no
What term means pushing, of a volume of water, by an object
a) specific gravity b) buoyancy c) density d) displacement
If the mass=6g and the density=3g/ml. What is the volume?
a) .59 ml b) 2 ml c) 1.75 ml d) 18.0 ml
If buoyant forace on an object is equal to the object\'s weight, then the object will...
a) become more dense b) float c) sink d) increase in mass
Archimedes discovered that objects weigh less when they
a) have a larger volume b) are suspended in air c) placed in water d) are irregularly shaped
If gold\'s density is 19.3 g/cm3. It would float in water. True or False
a) True b) c) d) False
Boats float on water and sink when flipped upside down because
a) When upright there is air in it, so it floats b) The wind keeps the boat floating. c) It is made of metal, so it floats. d) When upside down there is air in it, so it sinks
Which term means the tendency of the object to float in a liquid?
a) density b) displacement c) buoyancy d) specific gravity
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