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Hurry up! We only have _____ time before the coach leaves.
a) a little b) a few c) some d) a lot of
We saw _____ beautiful scenery when we went to Austria.
a) a few b) many c) both d) some
There are _____ shops near the university.
a) a little b) a few c) none d) both
Not all of the children went outside. _____ of them stayed in the classroom.
a) All b) Some c) Both d) None of
Would you like some milk? Yes please. Just _____.
a) a little b) a few c) a lot of d) none
There are only _____ people interested in football.
a) a little b) all c) a lot of d) a few
Can you tell me _____ about your experience in London?
a) both b) all c) a few d) a little
I have to go to the supermarket because _____ Lucy and Betty are busy.
a) some b) both c) a few d) all
_____ the students have to leave the classroom. Nobody can stay here!
a) All b) Some c) A few d) A little
Jessica spent a lot of money on her car. Now she only has _____ money left to pay for her living expenses.
a) a few b) many c) much d) a little
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